The Middle of Nowhere

September 18, 2010
By Anonymous

50 miles wherever I go
People come and people go
I watch and watch but never see
Why they are quick to flee
In the middle of nowhere

I feel the breeze
I feel the trees
I am at peace
I know that I am free
In the middle of nowhere

I've been to the city
I've see n the lights
But nothing compares
To the sheer delight
In the middle of Nowhere

Miles I've traveled
And miles to go
And I know
I'll never see, what I see
In the middle of nowhere

People want to be someone
People want to shine
People don't know what they want
I do
In The middle of Nowhere

The author's comments:
" I live in a very small town and i love it is so different it needs something completely different to explain it"

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