The Abyss

September 18, 2010
By kitty65=^-^= BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
kitty65=^-^= BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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I gaze now through my third eye
My meditation deep.
The mist of time dances before me
It's graceful presence I keep.

But as my mind wanders freely
I drift into uneasy thoughts.
My barrier weakens steadily
As negativity finds what it sought.

Has all my life come to this?
Where did I go wrong?
How did I become so awful?
It's innocence I now long.

I wish once again to be young and free
Yet I know it is never to be.
My heart is blackening, my mind selfishly
Grasping, grasping for my dreams.

My simple routine becomes complex
My sanctuary wrought with fear.
My eyes are blinded to the light
And bleed of weary tears.

Where has my childhood gone to?
Where is the life kiss
My mother gave me years ago?
They have sunk into the Abyss.

For she is leaving me alone.
Her pains she must endure.
My happiness and hope with hers
Fly away without a cure.

I gaze once more through my third eye
But all I see is death.
What have we done to deserve this?
Why do we receive Satan's wrath?

The author's comments:
Mom is very sick. I wrote this back when I was depressed and angry at God and the world because of her sickness. Only one in three million people get what she has.

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