Raven in a Flock of Doves

September 18, 2010
At her
That girl over there
She's not one of us
I know we're not supposed to judge
But come on! I'm not wrong
This is ridiculous

At the ground
Those girls way back there
They won't leave me alone
They think I'm weird
Odd, strange, and they're not wrong
But they've always been scared

They don't see my struggle
Pulling on through everything
This raven's gotta fly
Or at least I gotta try
Home is where the heart is
And my home is far from here

No, no, you're all right
I must be mistaken to think we live in a world free of judgement
Hatred , resentment
But I'm different and new
The very epicenter of malice
There's no possible way there's more to me
No more than darkness and anger
More than the bloodlust you see

Some too stubborn and frightened
To see my true colors
It's so much easier to gossip
To lie...
To shun
To run and hide in the corner, whispering to their friends

I see scared and simple silhouettes spying me sometimes
They can't accept what they don't know
They need reason and rhyme for every little thing

This raven's gotta leave
I just gotta believe
Because home is where the heart is
And my heart is far away

My home is where my heart is
And I'll find it someday

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BizarreSerenity said...
Sept. 30, 2010 at 4:06 pm

There will be a flock of Doves for every Raven out there.

But us 'Ravens' have to stick together, right? :)

If_I_Could replied...
Sept. 30, 2010 at 7:19 pm
exactly! i'm always happy to find some fellow ravens =)
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