September 18, 2010
By fibonacci112 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
fibonacci112 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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You, walking under the moon
your silhouette outlined in the shadows
what are you thinking?
why are you here?
it's safe now, let your eyes fall closed
eyes brighter than the midnight stars
yet behind them, an unexplored land
with an unexplored fate
where anything is possible, anything at all

you, dancing in the clear spring rain
drops of water falling all around
your skin the sparkling sea
free at last, let go now
close your eyes and feel the water soaking into your skin
feel it wash away your past, your fear

you, running through the forest
the autumn foliage a blur
run faster, faster, they are coming
you are not free, not safe
you thought anything was possible
you were wrong, don't shut your eyes
don't ever stop moving
they will find you, they will catch you
surrounded by towering trees
seeing, watching

You, eyes serenely, finally closed
body under a blanket of soft white snow
soul raised to the stars
forever a reminder, of you

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