September 17, 2010
By kaleidoscope_girl BRONZE, Decherd, Tennessee
kaleidoscope_girl BRONZE, Decherd, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"You gotta put up with the rain to see the rainbow." (unknown)

they are the forgotten ones
those society has turned its back on
or have they turned their backs to society
either way, they don't fit in with most girls
the words they speak assure that
because of things they say they've done
things they say have happened
you wonder if it's the truth but don't ask
it's safer not to wonder that aloud
their stories are how they receive attention
even if they scare most girls off
other girls like them understand why
girls who have seen too much,know too much
girls who have lived a hundred years in thirteen
who tell a thousand lies for every truth they speak
who have learned to mask their vulnerability behind drugs and alcohol
to ease the pain of a heart they refuse to admit is even breaking
but they are the forgotten ones

The author's comments:
Everyone has those girls at school who write on lockers and scream at each other and fight in the hall, then turn around the next day and say they're best friends. The same girls who know way more than they should and who don't mind bragging about it.

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