September 17, 2010
By Annie Nelson BRONZE, Westport, Connecticut
Annie Nelson BRONZE, Westport, Connecticut
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You always were my favorite, you know
Sleepless summer nights
Led me your way
Sardines in the back of the Volvo we sat
Legs stuck together like Elmer’s
The way it was when we were with you
You brought us closer together
You told us everything would be okay
And for those few days,
It was
We skipped to your shore
Dug our toes into your beach
You smiled down on our baking bodies
It was that kind of friend we found in you
The kind we craved to find in one another
You were there for us
Time after time, trip after trip
We called you ours
And we were yours
The girls of Q
When your day turned to dark, we sat in your sand
Swapping secrets for stories
Glimmers of faces in the candlelit night
Whispers of promises
Let’s stay this way forever
And then the rain came
It poured down our cheeks
Canvases of watercolor mascara
Tears crashed the shorelines of our eyes
As the ocean broke
In the horizon
All it took was one sly smile
And we took off
Leaving a trail of clothes in our wake,
We ran to your ocean
We ran to you
We ran to Q

The author's comments:
Who knew a summer house could feel like home?

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