September 17, 2010
I looked at the world through
my silver gray bars.
Sad and alone
the only thing I could do was
reach out and feel the
wind on my fingers.
Trapped in by the sadness,
guilt, and pain i felt.
I was held back by
the fear and unknown
thoughts of the world
i could never enter.
But when i reached out for help no one
would ever take my hand.
I became a scared caged in
bird that learned not to trust.
That loneliness was my only friend i learned to
lock up my heart never
to be hurt again.
But one day you came
and reached in and asked for my hand.
You unlocked the cage I set in i held
tightly to your hand as you led me into
the world that was unknown the
world I thought I would never enter.
You wiped away the tears as they fell
and your kindness blew away my fear and sadness.
I entered the world that
I could only see through my
silver bars
As I hold your hand i take
my first steps in to a new

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