Colors In The Dark Within The Secret Garden

September 14, 2010
By jamS24 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
jamS24 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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She felt alone
More alone than she had ever felt
She couldn’t cry
The teardrops wouldn’t form within her eye

She sat in the farthest corner of her room
Her knees pulled up to her face
She begged for a release
Someone or something to tear away the pain she felt

Just then a light
A bright light invaded her closed eyes
She looked up and toward the direction of the light
It came from her closet
Such a strange phenomenon

She crawled to the closet
Her knees rubbing against the cream carpet
Her hands leading her to the strange light

She sat in front of the door
The bright light now shining about her pale knees
She cocked her head to the side
Her platinum blonde hair fell in front of her face
As a shadow passed across the light

Her curiosity had taken over
She reached her small hand to the silver door knob
Slowly it was opened and the light blinded her
Those green eyes squinted not wanting to be indefinitely blinded

She opened her eyes to reveal she wasn’t within her room
She sat with in a garden
The only thing from her room that remained was the maple colored closet door
In front of her a great willow tree

She stood from off her knees
Slowly her feet led her to the majestic willow tree
The closer she got a figure under the willow tree was forming
It was a boy a small boy

She sat in front of the boy
And asked where they both were
The little boy with black hair looked at her with grey innocent eyes
He turned from her and ran around the tree

The blonde girl raced for him
Around the great willow tree there was no one
Where had he gone?

Follow me
A whisper from the ground
She looked and it was from under the tree
It was the small boy with black hair

Not knowing what would happen
She followed the boy under the tree
Darkness surrounded her

A whisper from the darkness
The secret garden it says
Her mouth opened to ask why she was here
But she began to see colors
Colors in the dark

They came closer to her
Red, blue, and yellow
From every side the colors were hurling at her
They came in contact with her small frame

She began to feel release
With every color that came in contact with her body
Release from the pain
Release from her self

She soon fell limp on the floor
Her eyes slowly closed
Her lips curled into a smile
She fell to sleep softly under the great willow tree
Her mind now at ease
The release she had begged for was granted

The author's comments:
This piece is about my best friend, or as I call her little sister. She's been stressed and worried lately with the way I had decided to live my life. I just really pray she finds a relief with how I've changed.

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