My #1 Biggest Fan

September 13, 2010
I may not like my chubby face,
But he says he loves it anyway,
And I could lose a few more pounds,
But he says I'm the perfect weight,
And he says he loves,
My pudgy toes,
But not as much,
As my big fat nose,
And he holds my hand,
When we cross the street,
And he shows me off,
To everyone we meet,
I think I'm not funny,
But he laughs at my lame jokes,
And if he comes to my house,
He's not afraid to meet my folks,
He calls me babe,
And writes me notes,
And he always lets me,
Wear his coats,
He says he loves it,
When I wear sweats,
That I'm just as beautiful,
As when we first met,
But that may be just too much,
To ask of any one man,
But I know I'll keep searching,
For my #1 Biggest Fan.

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