I'll Get Over It...?

September 17, 2010
I wont shed another tear, there’s nothing left. I’m not going 2 stop pretending that it doesn’t hurt me when it really does, broken, everything shattered into tiny pieces, never 2 be repaired, as if nothing matter at all. Screaming at the top of your lungs but no one seems to hear a sound. Look at me and see nothing, now look away as if you can feel me tearing apart. Take a breath now hold it for the rest of your life, show how it is to never be seen as if I didn’t already know. Kill everything that was good in me, just take what’s left of me but never promise me, if I should fall and never been seen, let the world see how stupidity runs through the cold and freezes every once of life. (2) They say there’s a time, a time for love, a time for faith, a time to cry, they say broken whispers can’t be heard N broken hearts can’t be seen.
They told me to never wish on a shooting star because it will never hear my cry full call. They told me to never dream, because life was nothing but a messed up lesson; we learn to walk so we can fall. We learned to be strong so we break. We learned to fight so we can lose. Forget what your told and focus on what you see, pain and suffering…yeah it bleeds.

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