Time Goes a Little Bit Faster

September 17, 2010
By Caitlin Walsh BRONZE, East Hampton, New York
Caitlin Walsh BRONZE, East Hampton, New York
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I’ve been looking at this page now
For a day, a month, fifteen years
Reading this means the day has finally come
Not the end of youth but the beginning to your life
The life that truly matters
Everything and anything that may have stopped you on your way to this point
No longer matters
You crossed the street, and you didn’t get run over
You’re invincible
I look up to you
Like a boy looks up to super man
I wana be more like you
In hopes that one day, ill be just where you left off
One day, maybe, ill be able to show you I listened to everything you told me
Everything i've learned is from you
You’ve taught me how to drink right, and party hard
I’ve learned don’t go far until after three times cause we all know how shit gets messy
But I’ve learned to be myself, and that nothing matters
This town sucks, so embrace it
I can’t believe your leaving in just 2 days
I hate myself when ever I even say those words cause that doesn’t mean my sisters leaving
That means my sister, my best friend, that girl I will always look up to is leaving
If you think about it all, and i'm sure you hope this is true
These are our last two days of ever being us
Everything’s changing, and while i'm being left behind
You’re going off to college to do bigger and better things
Id say goodbye
But goodbye is final
And no matter how rough life gets, there’s only one thing that is final between us
It’s you plus me
In this world, together
You may run faster, hit harder, and scream that much louder
But I will always catch up, run away, and scream right back
I love you sister
Always and forever
Best friends, and no friends
I’m here, your there
But were always together
Don’t ever forget that

The author's comments:
Dedicated to my Older Sister.

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