September 17, 2010
By cb123 BRONZE, Orange, California
cb123 BRONZE, Orange, California
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We are the trailblazers of our generation.
Skipping, running, laughing, learning
The world does not pass us by.

We are the world.
Not taking the prescribed cure,
We trek through hell or high water,
Hoping to set the way for others:

Camels too defeated to fit through the eye of a needle
Yet too proud to humble themselves into that small size
Fitting for the task.

But soon time will pass by:
Years to seconds, decades to minutes, centuries to hours.
The paths will grow lonely.

Trees sprouting into giant canopies,
Basking in the sun while the paths cower in darkness.
Weeds triumphantly overcoming the dirt,

Leaves dropping like bombs,
Causing terror to the dust mites,
As new generations abandon them ruthlessly.

New trails are blazed.
New options arise.

The elders scoff at the changes occurring,
Yet they realize it is inevitable:
Just as they laid to rest the old,
So will be done to them.

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