poem of friendship

August 19, 2010
By pixielou BRONZE, Lancaster, Wisconsin
pixielou BRONZE, Lancaster, Wisconsin
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love me without fear
trust me without restrictions
want me without demand
accept me the way i am

A friend is someone who
Sees your pain,
Feels your hurt,
Wipes away your tears,
Be there when you need her,
And who listens when you want to be heard.
When I see you
I know you are hurt,
You feel like no one understands,
You wish someone were there to guide you,
And you try to hide the tears you cry.
I’m ready to listen to your needs,
I’ll be here to keep you company.
When you seek the help you wish for,
Keep in mind im here for you
I’ll keep you in my heart,
I’ll keep you in my prayers,
When I’m with you I’ll remind you
There’s someone here who cares.
Call me when you need me
I’ll come running right away
I’m here for you No matter what.
If you don’t see the friendship
That the others say they have
Then im here to tell you
Our friendship will never fade.
It will blossom with the summer,
And bring joy into your life
You never thought existed.
It will keep you warm during winter
When the gloom is overhead.
Trust me when I say
Im your friend through it all.
I’ll be there to guide you through the rough,
And keep you laughing
When the tears seem close at hand.

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