I'm Safe

September 13, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm Young---
feet: flip-flops, pink toenails
legs: bare, mini-skirt
torso: low tank-top, showing flat abs, pink
hands: warm, big rings, bright fingernails
wrists: clean, smooth, bracelets
face: bright, cheery
hair: blonde, long wavy
mouth: never stops moving
eyes: bright hazel

I'm stupid---
feet: tall, big boots
legs: completely covered, bloody,
torso: long-sleeved jacket, covering all
hands: gloves, no visible finger nails
wrists: covered, bloody
face: dark, withdrawn
hair: black, shoulder length, covering one eye
mouth: a solid black line, black lipstick to cover up grief
eyes: dark brown

I'm safe---
feet: sneakers
legs: long shorts, visible scars
torso: sweatshirt, sleeves rolled up
hands: white, black fingernails
wrists: scarred, uncovered
face: clear
hair: dye fading, growing out
mouth: laughing
eyes: hazel
I'm safe.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after my freshman year in high school, after i attempted suicide. It helped me reflect on everything that had changed.

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