Resisting A Seige Of Heart

September 13, 2010
By ex_Mark SILVER, Hull, Massachusetts
ex_Mark SILVER, Hull, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep." -Robert Frost

I’d look for your reassuring smile
At the end of every mile
Is this why we’re here?
We’ll find out in a while
I can’t be sure if you are pure
My head says one thing,
my heart says another.

Can’t stop, no time to think
I hope you’re on my side or else I think I’ll sink
below singularity and rest on defeat
The uncertainty and dread make my heart beat
The drums, they boom the climax is here
Its time to prove yourself my dear

The stone ring destroyed the fire is released
You devour my hopes my heart;
Go ahead feral beast: Roar!
and claim your prize!
You’re the one that I despise!
And to think that you could rise

To this untamable spirit of rage and spite
Erase the stars from the night
Throw me into solitude and slam the gate
Lock me up tight so I cannot orate
The sins that you perpetuate.

It’s too late for you to lie
I won’t turn a blind eye
And no more will I vainly try
To convince you I’m your friend
My patience is at an end

I’m done with you, no more prayers
I climb the tower, up the stairs
And there you’re spied upon the spire
at your thrown: The Lord Miser,
Didn’t see your victory fit
You couldn’t find the limit despite your wit
Always greedy never full
You decide what is beautiful to you

I’m no jewel
But I’m not cruel,
I’m not the shadow of a common crook who’d rule
Over an empire of fire,
It is not my desire
To oppress a troubled people who cannot find love in a miser

Only fear and hate propagate
When you’re behind the wheel
I aim to eliminate your toxic zeal
I find no pleasure in tearing down
But I cannot get around
the fact you lied and cheated and connived for self gain
So hear comes the cleansing rain,
To eradicate your paradigm
and reestablish the love that was formerly mine
that you stole and traded and profited from,
I’m done

No more tears, or recalling the happy years
You’re not my ally, you’ve only caused disarray
Better get ready
Time to pay.

You built the gallows and tied the noose
Was it me who set you lose?
I can’t blame the man in the mirror
All he ever did was worry and fear
About the direction you would steer
But it didn’t matter what he thought
You slipped on your avarice and now you’re caught
In your own web of tragic pride
And into your own pit you will slide
No longer able to cover and hide
the sins and crimes you’ve committed
You’ve drawn blood and with it

You’ve written your own sentence and signed your name
Now you realize this is no game
Your reputation will turn to ash
And so will all of your fame
You can’t turn back now,
Committed to your treachery and shame
I take aim...
Draw back and release
You finally know peace
And your vice buries your name

The author's comments:
This rap/poem whatever it is your generic "I'm angry right now so I'm going to write about it" work of writing. It was inspired by feelings I had about a friend who I was angry with but the seas are calmer now.
Enjoy. Or don't.

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What was her name?

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