A Different Jack and Jill

September 13, 2010
By alice poulton BRONZE, Birmingham, Other
alice poulton BRONZE, Birmingham, Other
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Jack, older not wiser

Hot and naughtier,

Fine tuned Jill to the alluring waves of lady hood ,

She became slimmer , haughtier .

Sold herself via text , they met ,

Was told she was the ‘one’ .

New callings, bound to come next ,

Friends passing notes about woodland meetings, free durex,

Friday, they tucked up their youth in their lab jackets ,

Jill awayed with hers to dive between the trees ,

Saying ‘stuff it’ to biology GCSE as she left school early

To climb up after Jack.

Brought to her hands and knees,

Palms sweating, clutching her bus ticket printed:

Destination Crookers Hill, 85 p.

She held it throughout and never him.

He with,

Barely creased clothes, sure of all the tucked away spots,

All rumours of experience now justly confirmed,

So she fell in praise of the boy;

Her new king Jack.
Mother despaired, goodnight kisses were gone,

Her daughter flying out most nights with a brief ‘s’later’ ,

A month passed, Jill left school ,

Branded her closest friend a traitor.

He’d already sold himself short of education , swapped for reputation ,

He went on downwards and as her mother prophesised,

She’d gone tumbling after.

She spent her days eyeing her home from the hill

In unearthly shades of light, cans in hand ,

The beer in his belly, he spoke less and did more .

There were whispered rumours so she scoured his phone,

Followed him, seeing him getting cute as he’d call it

With Tracy, Sarah and Helen.

Round houses that weren’t hers,

They cemented themselves in clothes a size or two smaller,

She seethed (thinner meant faster! )

Tortured herself

With longing to improve , unduly preoccupied.

A detox , tighter jeans ,harsher painted lips all deployed

To begin her own tirade , leaving her red seal

And stamp of lack lustre success on them.

She mauled them, entertained them, but never herself

In Jack’s kingdom of lies and woodland.
Jack cheekily bounded up to his heights,

Meeting arranged, a new bond gelled like hair to

His new girl sue. He heard a girlish giggle,

Thought she may be hiding, quite the minx,

Not like Jill , he thought ; no never.

He dodged the boughs of the trees,

His luck and ease wavering over him , a heady daze as

He saw a leg poking , white in the gloom,

peeked round –

Shocked to see Jill , contorted in ways he’d never known.

A rush of sudden disengagement stabbed that rising ego ,

He turned away, didn’t even think to look at his face.

He fled from his corners, each hollow and clearing

Haunting him with his past successes ,

Venturing out in fury,

Each girl’s ghost etched against the hilltop was now Jill’s , taunting him,

His feet slipped beneath him, he fell , knocking his head.

Each ricochet, a slap from her vengeful hands ,

His kingship , dominance and glory passing around

As he bleary eyed , finally slowed at the summit , looked up

To see Jill the giantess skipping after ,

The new queen radiant in her adulterous crown.

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