You Call Yourself A Mom,

September 12, 2010
By , Longmont, CO
Screaming at me, it's always about the same thing,
Over and over again, you just sit there, ranting and raving.
Yelling and shouting about how you want me to behave
Let's trade positions, I wanna see you hold your tongue like me,
Try not to cry like me, bottle it all up inside like me,

You always knew how to dig your way under my skin,
Call me names, then you change your mind,
And suddenly we’re friends again?
And you're supposed to be my kin?

You're frequent flier miles are building up.
Switching back and forth from
Bringing me down, telling me how I've done wrong, to being my best friend.
I can’t wrap my head around you, I can’t comprehend.

I keep swallowing my words as you shove yours
Farther and farther, down my throat
They say silence is golden, but only when it's your choice
It's not that I can't speak, you're just drowning out my voice
I can't even hear my self think when you're screaming at me.

You call yourself a mom, but are you ever going to listen to me?
Here's my way to tell you what I need to say
I use to try, I used to want to be your perfect little girl,
But now I've got my own words, my own ways, my own world.

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kmarie17 said...
Sept. 29, 2010 at 6:38 pm
I can totally relate to this poem in so many ways! Its amazing writing thanks for posting!
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