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September 12, 2010
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I’m just going to say what’s on my mind,
So please be kind.
I’ve got some friends,
That will be there when the world ends.
Holding my hand,
Thinking “well isn’t this grand”.
Sharing sad and happy,
And moments that are crappy.
When I was a kid me and my two best friends played house,
Could never be as quiet as a mouse.
Got a little older,
And things got colder.
I had to say good bye,
And get on a plane and fly.
And when I got off things were strange,
My whole life rearranged.
Couldn’t find someone who would really know me,
Or anyone who could see,
Who I was and how I hurt,
And what things would sting and what things burnt.
Then the craziest person entered,
And things centered.
Who knew he would become like my big brother or little one in a way,
I just can’t help laughing at what he has to say.
Then in the sixth grade I found that person, who would listen to and know me,
I just didn’t see.
Now I have two amazing people close to my heart,
And with them I couldn’t part.
And I got more to say so sorry if you’re bored,
My story isn’t one you would record.
But when I look up in the sky,
And this isn’t a lie,
The sky looks so pretty,
Far away from the city,
I feel like it’s a painting from God he drew just for me, myself and I,
The sky is so nice away my eyes can’t pry.
And though I want my life to be like one on a movie screen,
It’s just unseen.
I’m looking for that perfect guy,
The one with a twinkle in his eye,
When he sees me walking his way,
And he has noting to say.
And when we share that first kiss,
There would be nothing I would miss.
And when I lay my head,
I have dreams of movies or stories I’ve read.
I day dream looking for somewhere better to be,
Looking for that moment of pure yippee!
But most time I just walk around ion my own little bubble like a zombie,
And most people would agree.
So just sitting around waiting for something exciting to happen,
With my foot happily tappin,
Because life is pretty ok even with out the movie moments, or perfect guy,
And that isn’t a lie.
And though I wouldn’t mind to have one of those great love songs written for me,
I have to agree,
My life isn’t horrible,
And it’s got it’s moments that are adorable.
So whole I wait for that perfect guy to write me a song,
(Hope it won’t be long)
And I want that movie screen moment but for now I sit and smile,
At my pretty cool life for awhile.

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kmarie17 said...
Sept. 29, 2010 at 6:41 pm

Loved it!!!


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