I'm trying to be something, It's not working

September 12, 2010
By Anonymous

My words are louder than thunder, So I will read them to you off this paper.
As I read i let you know my feelings
The way I feel, the way I see.
But I can tell you don't want use to be.
You have left me here to rot.
You are all I got.

My tears fall harder than the rain
And so I'm drowning at the thought of you.
I was down, you were high.
I'm now 6ft under and your in the sky

My wrists flow faster than the rivers, And they don't stop till I'm done.
So I sit in what all I hve left to call mine,
I sit and think of all I've done and how I never shined.

My mind goes blank faster than a lightbulb,
My heart starts to race and you come closer.
My body goes numb and I fall down.
Down into this grave I dug. This grave I dug for me.

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