A World Unseen

August 19, 2010
By , Dyersburg, TN
There’s something in the woods tonight,
If you go outside you can see the light,
Come on out – go and see!
You never know what it might be!
It might be a spaceship, landing here!
It might be a parade, coming near!
It might be a wizardly battle!
It might be someone looking for cattle!
It might be a robot, full of might!
It might be a comet, fallen and bright!
It could be just about anything,
But if you don’t go and look you won’t know a thing!
But if you do go out, I bet you would see,
If you went and you climbed a big old tree…
You’d see a party, for one and for all!
You’d see things that answered a call,
There are giant birds and people with wings,
And all sorts of impossible things!
There are gryphons, and dragons, and Centaurs,
There are fauns and elves and Minotaurs!
There are selkies, and unicorns, and witches galore,
There are pixies, and dryads, and even more!
There are giants, and horses with wings and without,
There are wolves and owls and cats all about!
There are even some people like you and like me,
People who came down out of their tree!
There’s dancing, and food, and fun for all,
So come on, jump down, we won’t let you fall!
Come and join us, just for tonight,
For we’ll all be gone by next morn’s light;
Come and join a world unseen,
And when we’re gone – remember me.

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