i miss you

September 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Your all i think about when im asleep in my bed.
I hope everything we had isn't permanently dead.
When im walking down the road your walking through my head.

You haven't been the same lately and im pretty scared.
I ask you why your sad because I really care.
I'll stop if you want, just know that im there.

Everyone around me knows something's wrong.
I dont say a thing and then i move along.
I hope we arent apart for all that long.

Your not ugly or fat, why would you say that?
The most gorgeous thing i'v seen and it's a fact.
Don't put yourself down, promise me that.

The love that I have will never end.
One day the wrath will decend.
I hope were together by then.

I learned this word "jet'adore"
And for you I'll learn more
Just to say I love you more.

If the people that surround beat you down,
Come talk to me, a fellow wicked clown.
I'll make sure they end up in the ground.

It kills me to think you'll find another person.
All it'll do is make my life worsen.
But I guess if you're happy why should it worsen?

I write these poems to show how I feel,
To show you that to me your a big deal,
In hopes that you see how I feel.

Everything happened without warning.
Now I sit in my room alone, mourning,
Listening to my mind until morning.

I wish you would tell me whats wrong,
But all I can say is "stay strong".
Thats hard for me though, took me real long.

My heart skips a beat and it brings me to my feet.
Everytime that your with me I hope that you will see you and me in eternity.

If it were to end,
You think you'd lose a friend.
Dont worry about that, we're homies till the end.

I'm beyond concerned that if the world would burn, and one of us were to die, the other person we would yearn.
If I lost the one I love, my world would never turn.

The people that you hate...
I'll make sure they suffocate.
Fuck with our love, I'll make sure their neck breaks.

Just give us another chance,
Cuz it's your love that I rely.
I miss our relationship. Can't we compromise?

When I walk down the road, I'm usually all alone.
When I'm all alone I call you on my phone.
The road ends at home. Its your heart I call my home.

Every relationship has it's fights,
Emotions escalate and hit the lights.
Funny thing is, it's part of life.

There's not much left that I can write,
Just know that when your here my heart's in flight.
I love you so much. Thought I'd bring it to light.

I hope your alright when i call you tonight.
This next lines the last. It's all I can write.
If you see this, I love you and goodnight.

The author's comments:
pretty self explanatory

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