believe. recieve.

September 1, 2010
By morgiegetsmoney BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
morgiegetsmoney BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"tell me i cant, i'll show you i can."

laying here
its 12 am
listening to music
as the words sink in

mixing up my emotions
as to how life makes me feel
50/50, give up on trying
or suck it up and deal

knotting up my stomach
clamming up my skin
holding back the tears
slapping on a grin

thoughts paralyzing my mind
im frozen on what to do
i dont know where to begin
i am unable to move

bowing my head in silence
struggling to breathe
all of a sudden
i fall to my knees

crying out for help
taking off my disguise
im able to see again
by trusting the creator in the skies

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