September 1, 2010
By zitanercommakailey BRONZE, White Plains, New York
zitanercommakailey BRONZE, White Plains, New York
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perpetual yawning,

caught up with all that jazz
and subliminal messages
notes we didn’t pass
when superiors weren’t looking because
everyone has papercuts on their knuckles
so every raised hand is so slick with sweat that
this assignment is turning all kinds of

fuchsia mozart

and turquoise rachmaninoff

even though the rest of ivory dermascape is all goosebumpy

i don’t need to fix the heater when i could just look at you all day but
yeah(no) ‘cause everything is too busy getting screwed up in translation
so you don’t even have the time to maybe think about

well whatever it is that you do which I wish

and sometimes let myself think
is me
but in reality it is she and she will always be there,

lurking in the back of us, so yeah I guess
it is just better to bite into that caramel apple and
wear that tank top in the snow to pretend we’re nothing more than
bare shoulders because really who gives a damn

when bliss is just that simple

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