I'm Gonna Run

September 14, 2010
By Anonymous

I don’t wanna be here in this Ziploc community
I wanna taste the outside world
But the seal is too strong
I gotta find someway to break out and when I do
You better believe this to be true

I’m gonna run so far away
They won’t see it coming and they won’t see me leaving
I’m gonna run, run for so long
I might lose my breath but never my will to escape

Some say it’s a selfish thought
What about your family?
What more can I say their not improving me
But don’t you wanna feel safe?
I can take care of my own damn self!
I’m a kid who doesn’t conform
I will not be brain washed

I’m gonna scream at the top of my lungs
Because I know some day I’ll be found
I ‘m gonna fight for what I deserve
Show the world what the hell I can do!

I refuse to conform
I refuse to recite what you say
I will not follow your lead
This is my life, and I’ll do what I damn well please!

I’m so tired of the same old excuses
I’m so tired of the same old people talking down on me
I’m telling you I’m gonna break the seal
Then for every other boy and girl like me, who won’t conform,
They won’t have excuses because I know what it’s like
I’m gonna do it once so why can’t it happen twice?

The author's comments:
I was very frustrated with my intermediate family; obviously. So I transferred the want of leaving this house from my heart to my poem.

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