Smiles and Lies

September 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Temptation stares me in the face, beautiful
Intoxicating, she tells me lies
With voice like honey and wide, open eyes
She explains herself slowly, and smiles

She lifts out her hand, moves it forward to me
Logically perfect as perfect can be
Offering a taste of rebellion, divine
She gestures too quickly, and smiles

I take a breath,
Reach out my hand
To grab the red cup
And drink to disobedience

But suddenly, I stop
The light flickers, her lies pale
I can get drunk off of life, thank you very much
I smile

The author's comments:
A friend offered me alcohol the other night. I wrote this when I got home, and it was originally only the first 3 paragraphs. I woke up that night and frantically added the last one...and I like it better that way.

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