Shards of Glass

September 13, 2010
By Ninoshka SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Ninoshka SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Harboring my emotions on the edge
Give me a chance to explain I said
Enough credit I deserve that you kept
See that I'm alone, now there's nothing left
See here is how it went
You said you would be there in the end
But we weren't halfway through
Doing nothing you drifted away to
Some new place, well I hope you're happy
You left a mess back here for me
Now i must step on these shards of glass
Suffering since you chose yournew path
Cutting myself on them because of you
But i have found someone new
To help me pick up the pieces you broke
Placing them back together, lending me a renewed hope

The author's comments:
I chose to use simple words here, because there is really no explanation for some things, since we are only human and cannot comprehend certain things or feelings until we have experienced them.
This poem reflects the struggle between two people from first-person point of view. Within these verses, a path of disillusionment and abandonment is made by the "other person" spoken of, and the first person telling the story has been broken by the selfish acts of the other. The shards of glass represent the pain inflicted upon the storyteller, or sufferer, and walking on them is like walking through them, or making it through his/her problems with the help of a selfless person.

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