September 1, 2010
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What’s a family when you have some,

But it feels like all you have is none?

When they tell you they will always care,

Sayin’ they have all this love to share,

But in the end they will never be there.

Surrounded by people, when all I feel is alone,

Born into a selfish life, with no love shown.

Can’t tell you the last time they listened,

To this voice I have screamed in their face,

They keep on moving at such a fast pace,

No time for me; no time for anything at all,

No time to sit back or to even watch me fall.

Anything I say is taken in, and spit back out

Are they deaf? Why can’t they hear me shout?

My emotions sit right in front of their face,

But I guess they want to give me my space.

Or maybe it’s just that they can’t see it,

Not yet anyway,

Or maybe it’s because they’d have nothing to say.

Either way this family is not a family at all,

It’s a group of people too different, with hearts too small.

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