Love Boat

August 31, 2010
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I can't figure you out.
Desperation twist
Lost at sea
Worse than the Odyssey.
Blood is thicker than water
Until you've lost
all control
You're two steps past
The point of no return
And I'm sailing away
And rowing aimlessly forth
For the map's in your pocket
And the compass
Is nine leagues too deep
So what more can we do?
There's nothing
And when we reach land
We'll dance and sing
Old melodies
Sleeping and waking
Someplace new
No where near Val Hala
All together
We have nothing to do
But leap over the flames
And expect to burn alive
Who do we meet
But you
And you and I clasp hands
Kisses do us no good here
With Hades looming
And Cerberus at our throats
Loves eternal flame
Or is it simply
We're not going
Except home.
Davy Jones' Locker
Can't hold
Our hearts
Or souls.

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