August 19, 2010
By heather argeneau GOLD, Highland Falls, New York
heather argeneau GOLD, Highland Falls, New York
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im sitting here in the presant
my mind is focusing on the past
always scared of the future
wishing to be in a time where it was care free n smiles
i have to deal with the time im in
its a time where worry and anger are on the top of my mind
theres no smiles here
they say to turn those frowns upside down
so my smile is bright n beaming
if u look closer ull be able to see a shattered girl trying to impress the world
so dont look to close now or ull be sucked into her pain
its a curse to come across a lil girl with a broken smile
as u walk away ur own frown is starting to turn upwards beaming as bright as the shattered girls

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