Just Shoot Me Up With Light

August 19, 2010
By JakeShaw PLATINUM, Atlanta, Georgia
JakeShaw PLATINUM, Atlanta, Georgia
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When you're in a night that seems almost devoid of stars and you look but can't find someone to help you see. Look for that lonely star and let it guide you until you find the light. (anonymous)

What does it mean to be stuck in a tangible darkness?
Is it a pain you can lose yourself in completely,
Or is it just another diagnosis dictated by a shrink?
A shrink, Someone who may reject certain events or occurrence.
Or That person who claims that they know just how u feel but has no idea...

The experts will say you can treat it, but thats just absurd.
How do you treat darkness?!
Are you gunna just shoot me up with light?
A pill cant chase it away so how will I make sure it doesn't stay?

I know that no matter what they do,
Despite all the pain and pills, it's still there.
It's filling the fissures in a broken heart.
Consuming me... as it fills the voids in my soul.

So I just have some questions for you?
Are you gunna try to fix me?
Do you think its gunna be ok?
All I need is for someone to shoot me up with like to dispel the darkness.
Until then I'll be sitting here.
Alone, Lost in the Darkness.

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