August 3, 2010
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The eyes that have seen the worse, the ears that heave heard the pain, the hands that drag the blade, all of which are mine. My arms cry of sadness, my eyes bleed of hurt, my ears scream of agony, as I call out your name. My heart has been frozen, locked away forever. A desperate attempt to stop the blood from running out the drain. I've given you all of your wishes, and kept mine to myself. The words you scream at me, are muffled by my tears. You talk all I've given you for granted, because I am a doll. You turned me into a lifeless puppet, just to tell me, I'm nothing at all. When you turn your back, you will hear no tears or pleads for you to come back. I've been the subject of your ridiculous games one day too long. But no, I will walk past you, leaving my tears, screams, and blades behind. You broke a doll, and birthed a girl. I will no longer be susceptible to your pity games, for I am now human, and humans don't have strings.

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