Pierced Hearts

August 3, 2010
By Anonymous

I have a picture of myself,
Smiling for the camera.
I’m touching that smile,
The one that you took.

I look at all of the things
Surrounding me.
The colors I loved,
Have turned grey.

I look at the rug,
And the couch behind me.
This was taken long ago.
I should have known.

Now when I look at that couch and rug,
I can see screams,
And hear tears.
Muffled by your hands.

You looked down at me,
Knowing you we in control.
I know you saw the pain in my eyes,
And the hopelessness in my heart.

You took what you wanted,
Left me for dead.
Knowing I’d never tell anyone,
Because of what you said.

I’ll never forget your eyes.
They pierce my dreams at night.
They are everywhere around me,
Staring back at me

But I’m looking in a mirror,
Trying to find that smile.
And I look at a new picture
Searching for it.

You must have taken it with you,
Another notch in your belt.
Another life you ruined,
All because you wanted to.

You might have broken me.
But you didn’t take the time
To pick up all of the pieces
Of my shattered body.

I guess nothing I do or say
Will change the past.
But I’m trying my best to change
My future.

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