September 13, 2010
By Lostonaplanet GOLD, Santa Monica, California
Lostonaplanet GOLD, Santa Monica, California
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I'm the author of my own life, but unfortunatley all I could find was a pen so I can't erase my mistakes.

Rolling waves sway my body,
I lay in the sea,
Closing my eyes,
How peaceful it is,
Compared to busy school,
With tests and essays,
And drama rising.
I wish I could just be,

To lay here,
In the salty water,
Fish swimming below,
Seagulls circling overhead,
My peaceful world is suddenly shattered,
By a passing fishing boat,
The fish below swim franticly,
They are swept away,
With me along with them,
Now I lay hopelessly entangled,
In that evil net,
Wishing for peacefulness,
Once again.

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