Swimming Hole

September 3, 2010
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Polar images but when together
Are peaceful, serene, idyllic.
Rapids are pushing over the edge with great force.
This water holds no mercy;
It’s on a mission to break through all barriers.
The water is hungry,
You can hear its stomach roar
As it devours everything in its path.
But don’t look down for too long
Or you may forget
That this setting you’re in
Is not a scene of doom and gloom.
Look left.
Look right.
You’re high above the vicious falls.
You are sitting perched on a cliff of jagged stone.
Don’t worry, the edges aren’t sharp.
In fact, they lay softly,
Creating a lawn chair for you to rest in.
You look around more; there seem to be lawn chairs everywhere.
It’s as if a theater has been carved in this breath taking place of wonder.
It’s as if nature intended people to fill these make shift seats
And enjoy it the way you are right now.
The colours here complement each other
In a way never seen before.
The murky brown at the water’s
Surface pulls out the wilted pine needles.
The brown of the needles contrasts the vibrant green
Of those alive in a remarkable way.
These trees that bordered the cliff
Acted as a transition point in the
Spectrum as the sky faded into the myriad of green
Tones which then scattered into the mossy green that lined the outer most edges of the rocks.
Together all these elements create
A safe haven for the body, mind, and soul.
Here is the place where anything
… everything, exists in peace and tranquility.
Here is the place where there is nothing wrong.
And if you happen to stumble upon an imperfection ,
You will soon come to see
That it is the perfect imperfection.

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