Another liar

August 24, 2010
By Anonymous

words are words
you tell them well
I believed them all
until i fell

I fell so low
i saw your plans
i watched your actions
and saw your scams

it was hard at first
i saw your pain
i stayed around
but YOU never came

you have a new family
to fill your heart
so you forgot about us
what you did was ..restart

i know my place now
you move on and forget
were just kids you got stuck with
and know we dont fit

so while you move on
i'll do just the same
you think its my fault
you have only yourself to blame

The author's comments:
this peice is to my uncle...he made a promis actually many ......he said he would stay in our lives....yes i understand he is trying to move on but dont tell kids something you cant live up to....well anyways he told us that he would stay in our lives...turn out hes just like everybody else that made a worthless promise.....soon ill be 18 and im not going to care about all these people that dont care back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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