Stone Pony

September 11, 2010
By Anonymous

A pony of music and stone
But Springsteen still sang with the stone pony crumblin’ down around on the main street of Asbury Park where the artists have all left their mark
My teeth clackin’ together – bikin’ that broken boardwalk
Oh that low tide smell, mixed up in the bar
With the sand blindin’ my eyes – wind rippin’ across my face
That sicky-sweet salty taste
The waves kept crashin’ to the beat of the rock’n’roll
And the lapping surf snatches at my toes
The notes all began screachin’ from his throat, guitar in a melotone
But those notes, they held such beauty grasped in their little palms
With the stone stackin’ back up to build that pony strong
The rigid stale popcorn, a crunchy carpet fallin’ over the ground
The words and notes never go together
And his guitar kept singin’ – shoutin’ over the blowin’ gales and the screamin’ hometown crowd
“Will you keep on playing?”
Makin’ moolah all night long
The later the night gets, the brighter the sunlight shines
The old beach lets the song go on so strong
The waves roared, spittin’ out their lions’ tounges
The sugary taste of the notes, mysterious yet a rare delicacy
A girl sits in the crowd, jewels sparklin’ eyes
He soars up to the heavens, voice liftin’ up past the sky-scraper
It wouldn’t last forever its time it soon will come when the stone pony’s heart no longer matches the beatin’ drum
But ‘till then, sand’s runnin’ through the door, locals poundin’ on

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