You Would Be Paranoid Too...

September 11, 2010
By Anonymous

“Why are you so paranoid,” he asks,
I try to force down the answer
I am dying to say to him
The answer that is burning
In my throat, dying to be voiced
But he always becomes upset
When I mention my past
Sympathetic of my feelings
Too worried over my tears
So I force down the vile
And the words that are burning
And simply say, “I have no idea.”
It makes me want to cry that
He can just nod and believe that
Shouldn’t he know when I am
Lying through my teeth
But I just smile and laugh
If only I could tell him
What I truly want to say
“You would be paranoid too
If you had been hurt so much
Had cried so many tears
And had love die with your touch.
You would be paranoid too
If you didn’t know when
I’ll leave you.”

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