Locked In My Head

September 9, 2010
By _Fate_ GOLD, West Valley, Utah
_Fate_ GOLD, West Valley, Utah
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I'm trapped inside my head locked in a dark room no light can shine in, nothing can get through. nobody can see the war raging from within.nobody understands the prison bars I'm in. nobody knows what i have to hide nor will they ever know who i am deep inside. nobody cares for the passion in my heart walk a day in my shoes then you can start to talk. no one can see my struggles no one cann hear my screams for they are all locked indide my head along with all of me... so here i am trapped inside my head inside where i dwell stuck in my own hell. the student all mock me as i walk down the hall not caring if they hurt me or even if i was scared.

The author's comments:
i wrote this to show the world how a teen can be discrminated based on gender,disabilities,and even their sexuality.

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