walk slow

September 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Im walking slow, feeling each step beneath my feet

Everything above me is passing by so quickly, but when I look back it’s as if everything’s passing by too quickly
I watch the sunlight swim across the sky
I watch the sky reflecting on the water, shimmering
I watch with an open mind and appreciate the simple beauty of it all,
The scattered placement of the sticks on the lawn, placed the way they are with no order involved,
Just the unmapped place in which they happened to fall
And I am one of them
Im a leaf who fell from a tree, drifting along with wherever the wind may wisp me
I am a shell in the ocean, wondering wherever the current pulls me, rising whenever the waves lift me
I am meant to be waverd with , just like the things around me

I am not permanent ,so I will not fight
Ill go wherever this road may lead me
Ill walk slowly soaking in everything others so arrogantly over look
But I can look at anything and find the beauty,, because a twig on the sidewalk is as uncertain as i
I relate to everything I find, although I am different from everything too
For I have the power to change my direction, I can fly with the birds but come down when I want too
I am my own director and I choose to feel what things who cannot speak for themselves feel
I choose to walk for the things that cannot walk
And I choose to experience everything In honor of those who choose not too
I choose to feel everything from the sunlight on my cheeks, to the pavement beneath my feet.

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