My Guardian Angel!

September 9, 2010
When I see him I want,

to show him what
he means to me and for him
to see the way I look at him,
when I see him I see a man
so sweet that it makes my heart

ache to see him,
my guardian angel watches over me
and he says that he sees a lot
but he can't see everything and I
see proof of this each and

for he apperantly can not see that
my heart cries for want of him,
he can't see how much I truly want
to be with nobody but him,
I know it sounds strange but I have
fallen head over heels in love

with my guardian angel,
I do not know what to do because I
know that he is not for me,
he diserves better than me,
I am only a plan little girl,
who am I to fall in love with an

who am I to think that my guardian

whould want to be with his a girl
that is only a charge to him,
but still I do not what to do,
for I have totally lost my heart

to this hoplessly kind

guardian Angel!

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