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August 31, 2010
By JimmyGee BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
JimmyGee BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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You either do it and overdo it or you don't do it at all..

I'm a has been
Your a glorious sin
I'm a washed up writer
You're a new fighter
I write cause it's a way of exposing my deepest flaws
You fight for what you love
That's why you'll always be a golden dove
And after all
I'm a has been
I'm a washed up writer
I've seen what has to be seen
I've drunken the finest Champagne
I'd give it all up
To have you
Cause after all
You're the only good sin
You're the new fighter
You're always fighting for what you believe in
Don't care about paying with a sin
I wish I was your love
So I could fight beside you, my dove
Cause all I am is
A has been
A washed up writer
And you'll always maintain your status as
A glorious sin
And a fighter
Your my sign of peace and love
Fuck all those mouthy pricks
You'll always be my dove
My presence is a pesticide
Hits your system and,you feel like committing suicide
All I had in life was you
Now there's nothing left for me to do cause you gone
And in life I feel empty and alone
I know why you left
You left cause I'm a has been
Who committed to many sins
A washed up writer who never understood the meaning of drinker
You left and quit on me
And you'll never really see
That I love you like no one else can
Cause you'll always be
My only good sin
And I'm still a has been
My brand new fighter
And I still remain the washed up writer
My one and only muse
The reason I'm always so confused
Time can change things
But I'll always be
A has been
A washed up writer
And you
The only good sin
A great fight
And I'll won't quit on you until the hope that you'll return is through

The author's comments:
Well this one uhh I think I was having a bad day and this is what came from it.

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