September 11, 2010
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Let’s play a game
Let’s pretend we no longer know each other
Strangers, just like 4 years ago
Before we became friends
Before the memories
The working out, the long miles
And before the feelings were realized
Completely wipe away any memory
A clean slate
A new beginning
Let’s start over, and fix everything that went wrong
Forget the bitter words
The misunderstandings
The hurt feelings
And the painful truths
They no longer exist; they never existed
Build something better.
Why you say? Well look at us now.
Practically strangers,
What happened to our friend ship
Our closeness
Our familiarity

What was once overflowing is now dry
Forgotten and pushed aside like our promises,
Broken and cold like our friendship,
And hollow and empty like the feeling I get now when I’m around you.
Where did we go wrong?

We said we’d always be there for each other, but still we are falling out.

What’s even worse is we are aware of everything that’s happening.
We know that we are drifting
We know we are pulling away
We know there is a wall, keeping us from being close as we were before.
Keeping us from reaching out
Keeping us from our best friend
Yet we do nothing about it.


Are we that far apart that its’ no longer worth saying hello?
No longer worth giving a warm embrace?
No longer worth caring?
Are we that far apart…that we are too scared to try?

Can we pick up the shattered pieces of our friendship?
Can we do it knowing the pieces are jagged and sharp,
Knowing that reassembling those pieces will be painful,
Knowing that some pieces may no longer fit?
Can we accept this?
Will we do it together?
Will we see it through?

Thinking about it now, there is no need for games.
Part of what took us down was our immaturity, our selfishness.
Will you rebuild with me?
Clear the rubble around us and reconstruct the once glorious castle,
Tearing down the walls that keep us from understanding each other,
and finding ourselves back into each other’s lives.

So will we?
Bring back what once was,
Re-establish our friendship,
Repair all that was broken,
And have it feel true when we call each other best friends.

Do you miss me? Because I miss you.
So let’s begin, restore and renew.

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