Whats left of my heart

September 10, 2010
I dont think i can take it here much longer
I always thought i would be stronger
But seeing you everyday is killing me inside
The pain and agony i feel are becoming so hard to hide
I never should have come back and thats being made very clear
Im just not who i used to be, everyone knows i dont belong here
The smile they see is just the mask i use to hide
Because im really screaming and dying inside
Everytime you see it but just dont care
I can feel my heart break and tear
Cant you see how im crying without tears
Or the screams nobody can hear?
I told you i loved you and you just ripped out my heart
But dont worry honey, Ill put back all the pieces that fell apart
Everytime the hole in my heart starts to heal
There you are to make sure i have worse pain to feel
The scars on my wrist are just tiny faded reminders of how far you pushed me
I tried so hard to be everything you wanted me to be
Everyone says i should just let you go
But baby i love you more than you could ever know
Ill always love you and thats something you shouldnt forget
Though i kno all i am in your eyes is a regret
Your the only one to ever break down my gaurd
But your also the only one to ever leave me this broken and scarred
And as whats left of my heart breaks off and dies
I cant help but stare straight into your eyes

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