September 10, 2010
By Jfulton360 SILVER, Ben Lomond, California
Jfulton360 SILVER, Ben Lomond, California
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"Some times the Hardest things and the Right things are the same"- the Fray

She's laying on the floor
Blood stains her clothes
Tears streak down her face

You cut her tongue out
to keep her from talking

That doesn't matter
The only thing she would ever say is, "I love you"
And you know that's true

You sew buttons onto her eyes
To keep her from seeing
That wont count

All she'll ever see is you,
All she's ever seen is you
And you know it

You patch her ears up
To keep her from hearing
Won't do any good

The only voice she's ever heard
Is yours
Bitter sweet it is

Sew her nose together
To keep her from smelling
But the only scent she will ever have now
Is yours
Stuck to the walls of her nostrils

You step back to see
Then you nail her feet to the ground
And chain her arms together
To prevent her from running away

That won't help
She wouldn't go anywhere away from you
She wouldn't leave you
No matter how much pain you've caused her

You watch her there
Helpless, a monster that you've created
You cut her heart out

And you feed it to her
Then you stitch up her lips
That really doesn't matter
All she ever needed those for
Was to kiss you

As your about to turn away
You strike a match
And light her on fire
You watch her wriggle in the flames

Unable to move or free herself
From the pain
You tortured her to death
And she never even made a move to strike back

She gave you everything
But it wasn't enough
She loved you and loved you
And all you did was hurt her

You observed her as she bleed all over
And when you stretched her out
The only word she said, was your name

Then you couldn't live with that any more
So you cut her up and finished her
Now her love burns her

All she ever felt was love for you
But you couldn't live with it
So you got rid of her

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