September 10, 2010
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Flying above the world
Wind in my face, whipping my hair
Soaring, weaving between clouds
Is this a dream? If it is, don't wake me!
I fly without a pilot, no floorboards beneath my feet
Smiling so much, I've never felt so free!
Unshackle my feet from the ground!
Gravity won't know what happened!
Geese squawk next to me, as if to say "hello"
A plane passes by, the pilot waves my way.
And then…..
It's over.
All the reality's of the world,
They create sadness and replace all the happiness and lightness,
That was once filled with in my chest
When I wake up, in the world of real
I cry
Because all I want to do is fly!
Away from the mess of the world!
Away from my life, and responsibilities, even from……
Freedom is so hard to find
I just want a life that's truly mine!
I am a flightless bird
Clipped my wings and tagged my legs,
I cannot fly
So I cry and wish for the sky

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