Spring to Winter

September 10, 2010
By Jfulton360 SILVER, Ben Lomond, California
Jfulton360 SILVER, Ben Lomond, California
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Spider webs glassine in the sun
So delicately spun
Dew drops spilling off a leaf
The sun turns them into gold

Chirps from the trees
Feathers fly around on the current of the wind
Flower petals so gently blown off their stems
The rays of the sun shine

Meadows of green
Pools of serenity
Stones thrown across a lake
Cause ripples to shake across it's peaceful waters

Clouds open up the sky
Like a curtain
To reveal the rainbow
Full of vibrant colors

Warm winds pass your lips
Then the wind whips leaves
Around your feet and up your hips
Suddenly, a cold passes over

And winter replaces warmth
Rain, icy but refreshing
Comes on, first peacefully
Now it's lashing

Lighting and thunder pound the sky!
The neat little spider webs are now torn
And the waters are now quaking
From the violent shaking of the stor

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