A Mask

September 10, 2010
By Jfulton360 SILVER, Ben Lomond, California
Jfulton360 SILVER, Ben Lomond, California
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I am not what others see
I am certainly not what I strive to be
Hidden behind a mask,
So tight on my face that,
There is little space to breathe
I watch, as others examine me
Dancing up, on a stage
As I watch, all I can see
Is a girl, who is not me
Me, I am me and nobody else can be
Even though, they think they're watching me,
That girl they see- she is not me
For I am the audience
Watching and criticizing not only she
But I am listening, to all their voices
And she is not succeeding at entertaining them
Her graceful leaps and jumps,
They do not satisfy us
Us, I am part of the crowd now
Separate she stands
As ink runs down from her hands
The mask she wears, is magically
On my face and I am her
No longer watching the show
I rip the mask off
And somehow, I am now
Alone, in the darkness, but
No longer will I be
Someone- who is not me

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