That Ledge

September 10, 2010
By , Laguna Niguel, CA
For years I peered over that ledge
I envisioned the plummet
The descent into the uncharted waters
The weightlessness that only free falling can sustain

My feet flirted with that ledge
Taunting and teasing it
Leaning in towards it
Only to pull away

I tip toed around that ledge
Gazed at what lay below
Peered as far down as my eyes would allow
And then walked away

I stayed nearby that ledge
It seduced me from a distance
While I smiled at
Giddy and mesmerized

I began to near that ledge
Slowly at first
And then progressively faster
I was enticed and could not shy away

I stood numb at that ledge
Frozen in time
Unsure what the plunge might offer
But thrilled by the possibilities

My head spun standing at that ledge
My heart pounding ferociously at the confines of my chest
I swallowed hard and took that step
Into whatever lies
Beneath those blue eyes

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