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September 10, 2010
By ForAllWhoHaveLoved SILVER, Englewood, Colorado
ForAllWhoHaveLoved SILVER, Englewood, Colorado
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You have to consider the possibility that God does not like you, let's just say he hates you. ~Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), Fight Club Movie

We sit and we watch
As the days go by
And we can’t get it right
No matter what we try
So stop and we think about what we’ve done
Some was for the killing
But some was just for fun
Now we’re stuck with this life
That we didn’t want
No way to get out
And no way to move on
No more hiding
Fight it
Stay away from temptation
Because that’s just how they like it
With the hurt, sin, evil, and the hate
Cause if we can’t get straight then we just won’t make it

I don’t want to be here anymore
Cause I had plans
And I am damned if I can open one more door
Give me a chance

I saw things hurt me
And said thing that hurt you
But I don’t want to live like this
I want to make it new
We used to be so innocent
Now we’re just pretend
We got that fashion
And we got gold
But really in the end

We are stuck on what we made
And we can’t rearrange
The hate we feel
The pain we made
It’s part of who we are
So give it one more chance
Make it one more day
Be the player
Hate the hater
Live life and get by
Because it used to be for liven
But now it’s just a lie

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