Just Look Away

September 10, 2010
Just look away
From what you don’t want
I won’t follow your gaze
I’m not unintelligent

I won’t bother you
I won’t even ask why
Because you can look at me
And see tears in my eyes

But you don’t care anymore
It’s not like before when you were pretending
To love me
To stay and trust me

Where did the love go?
What happened to my heart?
Why do you hate me?
Willing to tear me apart
Why did you call me, and then hang up the phone?
Why did you push me?
And then let me alone

I’m broken
And it hurts so bad
I hate you
And I want you back
I’m sorry for whatever I did
To make you leave me
With this
Vacant, broken heart
You are so vindictive

I won’t follow you
I won’t even try
But I need to ask you
I need to know why
Why did you go away?
And leave me with this
Vacant and broken heart
You’re so vindictive

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